Northshore Brasserie is a full-service restaurant and bar serving homemade French Belgian cuisine in a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere. The name for a brewer in French is 'brasseur', thus Brasserie originally meant brewpub. The name has since evolved to mean any restaurant that serves a variety of beer, wine, and hearty food.

Like British pubs or American diners, brasseries are the social meeting and dining places of Europe. They remain warm, inviting places that celebrate the joys of dining, drinking, and socializing. We aim to create a vibrant, unpretentious atmosphere that will serve as the neighborhood gathering place for the business and residential communities surrounding the South Northshore/Pellissippi area of West Knoxville.

We are a small, privately owned company obsessed with food, quality, and service. Our combined experiences include many years in the restaurant industry, many years of living abroad, and many years of dreaming of what has now become the Northshore Brasserie.